About Café

Intentionally small, never small-minded

Hi, we're Café.
We're an award-winning Information Design Studio based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
We combine Design and Technology to conceptualize, craft, develop and deliver state of the art data visualizations, dashboards, infographics, websites and more.
In business since 2004, we've worked with renowned brands, think tanks, and startups helping them transform their data and their stories into useful, time-saving, insight-generating and transparency-promoting data visualizations and digital experiences.
Through the years we've developed strong and meaningful relationships based on admiration, work ethic, honesty, and of course, great work. 
Our work educates, advocates,
questions and entertains
We work side by side with our clients - all kinds of people from all kinds backgrounds and áreas of expertise - and through our combined effort, we bring ideas to life, we craft moving experiences, we make sense of immense amounts of data, we remove the noise and bring laser sharp focus to otherwise foggy or complex subjects.
And not only that: our work changes minds, makes headlines, boosts sales, enhances customer fidelity, makes people's lives easier and it, well... It also gets showcased, nominated and awarded from time to time.
We do the work
We are Designers. From management to interns. Even our chief developer is a Designer. We deeply respect our craft and we love a good challenge. Especially the very complex and multifaceted ones.
Our work has allowed us to do in-depth studies on oil drilling, the primary processing of crude oil, the transportation and delivery of natural gas in Brazil, ship building, crime and incarceration in Brazil, satellite imaging of the Amazon Forest, smart cities, industry 4.0, immigration and migration, renewable energy, imports and exports, political campaign funding, government budgeting and spending, social network monitoring, and social sentiment, just to name a few.
Our commitment is to use Design to positively impact the businesses and lives of our clients, our societies and our governments.
And last but not least, we are a tight team
We work, we eat, we study, we argue. We agree, disagree, and agree-to-disagree. We learn, we teach, and we do amazing stuff together. We're different from each other but we respect each other's individuality, ideas, expertise and timing.
We don't kid around. No Playstation, no Nerf stuff, no hoops, monkey bars or sandbox. We have a great time but do it well enough so we can go play somewhere else at the end of the day.
And we're in it for the long haul.
So tell us:
How can we help you better
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